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USF IT is proud to bring you coverage of this semester's Graduation Commencement Ceremonies at the Tampa Campus of USF.
Live coverage of the ceremonies allows our students to share this important event with loved ones who normally would not be able to attend, due to health issues or great geographic distances.
Tampa Campus Commencement will be held at the USF Sun Dome Saturday, August 4th

The first ceremony will begin at 9:00am

Ceremonies will continue on the same day at

Each ceremony will last approximately 90 minutes

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Florida observes Daylight Savings.

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NOTE - music normally plays before the event, but the audio is usually muted up until a few moments before the event starts. If this happens, you have not lost audio; the production crew has simply muted the microphones. Audio will resume as soon as the event begins.

For further information about the Commencement Ceremonies, please visit the
Official USF Commencement Page

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Banzai Audio-Visual Productions, who has graciously provided the video feed for us, will be producing high-quality DVDs and VHS tapes that will be available to relatives unable to watch the live feed, or those who wish to save their memories for the years to come. This event will be recorded on professional equipment, and the media for sale is of far superior quality (DVD quality) than what you see here.

For information on how to purchase this DVD from Banzai Audio-Visual Productions, please visit

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Ceremony Archives

Use the link above to access the Commencement archives, if you missed the live broadcast.

Each ceremony will be recorded and will be available after post-production editing occurs. These links will be activated at that time to point to the archived video.

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