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This area has been set aside to help students better protect themselves during their time on and around USF. Although this section is not directly related to academic functions, it is something that should be present and available so that every student, faculty member, and staff member can better protect themselves and their valuables.

We are currently waiting on some videos to arrive at our office. Keep checking, as these videos will be a priority for us, as we want our students and employees to be safe!

For the time being, we will keep a few links to the various departments that protect you while you are on campus.

The USF Police Department
The most important group in this area is our own University Police. These are the men and women who put themselves on the line to keep us all safe. Many people assume that the Univeristy Police are not "up to par" with city, county, or state police. This is incorrect; USF (and other univeristy) officers are required to go through the same rigorous training as other departments, sometimes going through the training with local and state officers. These people are your first line of defense in keeping you and your belonging safe.

Although the USF Police primarily handles criminal activity on the campus, they also hold defense classes and keep activity logs of incidents on campus; visit their site for more details.

If you need to contact the USF Police department, here is their number:

(813) 974-2628 (Dial 4-2628 from any USF extension)

The SAFE Team, courtesy of the USF Student Government
The SAFE Team provides transportation and escort from point to point on the campus. Do you have to go across campus at night? Don't take a risk by going it alone! The SAFE Team is on patrol from 11PM till 3AM, and will be happy to dispatch someone to walk with you and make sure you reach your destination without incident.

Many students go out to sports bars or clubs and have a little too much to drink. At that point it is best to call the SAFE team; they will dispatch a cab for you to the sports bar or club. All you need is your USF ID and a courtesy tip for the driver's time.

SAFE Team dispatch can be reached by calling (813) 974-SAFE (974-7233) or dialing 4-7233 from any USF phone.

The Counseling Center
Did you know that USF has a counseling center for both USF students and employees? If life has you down, school has you stressed out, or you have personal problems that you are having difficulty dealing with, support is just a click away. Even if you aren't experiencing any problems right now, you may very well find yourself in a situation where someone else you know has a problem and they do not know where to get help.

Take a few minutes to review what the counseling center offers - the information you pass on to others may save a life.

The USF Counseling Center can be reached at (813) 974-2831

Downloading Music - What You Need To Know
Many students come to USF every semester who have never had high-speed Internet connections before. They offer access to so much media on the web, it is very easy to be lured into downloading "free" music. It's quick, it's easy, and it's anonymous - or so these students think.

If you are trading songs right now, check out the No Electronic Theft Act of 1997; share enough songs, and you're guilty of a felony. This jeapordizes your freedom (prison time), your finances (heavy fines, cancellation of financial aid), your academic career (tougher to get back in school), and ultimately your future (criminal record). And, this is only one of the many pieces of legislature out there that targets illegal downloaders.

Ignorance is not protection - know the facts.

Not all music downloads are illegal. There are legitimate, legal channels for music downloads, and their fees are very low. - For further information about downloading music, both what's legal and what's not, visit:

Whether you are a first-time or returning student, new to downloading music or an old pro, take a few minutes of your time to see what this video has to tell you.

- Encoded at 42k, 200k, and 500k

If you have trouble viewing this video, or prefer Quicktime or Realplayer, has this video up in all three formats. Note that the video on their site is much lower in quality.