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Marine Science
Project Oceanography
Spring 2004
Building a Presence for Science

Fall 2003
Voyage into the Abyss

Spring 2002
Channel Islands I-II, IV
Monterey Bay I-III
Introduction to Single-celled Organisms
Single-celled Organisms and Symbiotic Relationships
Deep Sea Sediment Coring

Fall 2001
Introduction to Seagrass Beds
Fun with Flumes: Hydrodynamic flow through Seagrass Beds
Hydrodynamic Flow & Adapted Animals
Sea Turtle Migration Studies
Aquatic Insects
Blue Crabs

Spring 2001
Antarctic Research I, II
Fisheries Management
Red Tide & Harmful Algal Blooms
The Brooker Creek Watershed Learning Project & Interactive Database
Microsystems Technology I - III
Detecting Coastal Change with Lasers
SSWIMS Program: Science Standards with Integrative Marine Science

Fall 2000
Neighborhood Water Quality I - III
Sounds of the Sea I - VI

Spring 2000
Research Vessels
Coral Reefs I - V
Careers 2000

Fall 1999
Marine Debris
Fish Ecology I - VI
Antarctic Oceanography I - III
Coastal Reptiles I - III

Spring 1999
Weedon Island I - III
Marine Science Careers I, II
98-99 Season Montage
Problems & Solutions
Ocean Color
Ocean Technology

Fall 1998
The Year of the Ocean
Satellite Oceanography I - VI
Deep Sea Biology

Spring 1998
Natural Disasters I - III
Ocean in Motion I - VII