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December 11th, 2001
The Bin Laden Tape

(CNN) -- Osama bin Laden recounts with delight the September 11 terrorist attacks against the United States as he talks with associates on a videotape released Thursday by the Bush administration.

This is the first of several tapes supposedly from Osama bin Laden. Although authenticity has been questioned in the Al-Qaeda leader's later videos, officials state that this video is authentic.

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Osama bin Laden

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December 11th, 2000
Bush v. Gore

Bush v. Gore, 531 U.S. 98 (2000), was a United States Supreme Court case heard on December 11, 2000, which directly influenced the outcome of the 2000 presidential election. In three separate opinions, seven justices found that a ballot recount then being conducted in certain counties in the State of Florida was to be stopped due to the lack of a consistent standard; two justices disagreed. A 5-4 majority further declared in a per curiam opinion that there was insufficient time to establish standards for a new recount that would meet Florida's deadline for certifying electors.

Bush vs. Gore

September 21st, 1998
The Clinton Tapes

Throughout 1998, there was a controversy over Clinton's relationship with a young White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. Clinton initially denied the affair while testifying in the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit.

This is a broadcast by CNN of the infamous "Clinton Tapes"

Bush vs. Gore