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The College of Arts and Sciences has a very large number of schools under its umbrella. The assorted schools are arranged here in alphabetical order, so that they may be located quickly. The department selector will remain in the top of each Arts & Sciences page, in case you need to jump quickly between classes.

Also, make note that you can click the heading of each department, which will open that department's home page. Feel free to try it on this page - Just click the "Arts and Sciences" heading above. This makes it more convenient to access materials that may be housed on your department's local website, or locate contact information for your instructors.
Teachers Who Use Netcast:

Aging Studies - April Slack
Communication Sciences and Disorders - Dr. Ruth Bahr
Communication Sciences and Disorders - Dr. Sylvia Diehl
Library Science - Dr. Stephanie Maatta-Smith
Mathematics - Professor Ignacio Bello
Philosophy - Dr. Roy Weatherford
Sociology - Dr. Debra Cross
Women's Studies - Dr. Kim Vaz
World Languages - Patrice Fischer
We have recently started supporting the ERIC Seminars. Environmental issues are important to everyone, so come check it out if you like what you see here.
Lectures are on Wednesdays from 4:00 - 5:15pm

Check the schedule in the ERIC archives to see who's up next.

Visit our ERIC Archives - Learn more about what is happening in our environment, and the research to make a cleaner world!