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Here, you will find some of the most common problems that we run into at Netcast, along with some possible solutions. Most common is a media player connection problem, followed by Macintosh compatibility questions. If you are experiencing problems with Netcast, please run through this list before contacting us - the answer you seek may be right here.

Connection issues or the videos won't play
Several installation options for Macs
VLC player for Linux
I can view videos, but I can't download them
I am getting 'Codec Not Found'
I'm getting 'popups blocked' - a lot!
I need to Download Windows Media Player
There's a lot of stuff on the pages - can you reduce it?
I have a virus or spyware! Opens External Page

If you did not find an answer for your problem here, please go to the Contact Page, and we will do our best to assist you.